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When looking for a business loan the process can be lengthy and very frustrating. The course begins by reaching out to your current bank such as Chase, or some other big bank. The conversation goes smoothly with your representative and he or she asks you many questions and your loan application is submitted. Then they wish you farewell and let you know that they will be in touch with you via email. The meeting took a good two hours and now a couple of weeks have passed yet you have still heard nothing back from the bank. Naturally you reach out to the associate you met with and they let you know that it was handed off to the application team. Now a new representative is overseeing your application and you are all but an application number. After much effort the bank comes back to you via an email informing you that your application was not approved but you are more than welcome to apply for a line of credit. Then you attempt to meet with a local community bank because now your business is in desperate need of funds. However the loan process is wasted time and you come up fruitless.

As business owners go through the loan process there is little support for them along the way. At Greenwich Funding Group we see to it that your loan request is given the proper attention and backing. Our process is smooth and reliable as we advocate for the highest loan with our team of in house loan agents. That’s why businesses across all sectors throughout the United States continue to come back to us. We look forward to serving you!


Greenwich Funding Group has a network of lenders that offer the lowest rates for your next business loan. That’s fortunate for our clients as the cost of a business loan can make or break if the borrowing will prove to benefit the company. Often it’s the terms of the loan that can have the greatest impact on the interest rate and being in touch with the right lender can make a big difference. This is why our network is affiliated with lenders who we can trust and offer the best terms for our clients.