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About Greenwich Funding Group LLC

Greenwich Funding Group was founded in order to bridge the gap between businesses and funding operators. Over the course of time it has become more challenging for those small businesses looking for financing and all too often they are left on the sidelines trying to plead with a local community bank for funding. The process can be time consuming and extremely stressful, all while trying to keep a business operational. That is where our team can step in and get you the funding you need fast.

We prioritize each client the same, making the process as fast and smooth as possible. At the same time we look out for your best interest, understanding the industry, how the business works, and how you operate on a day to day basis allowing us to tailor make the terms that best suit your business needs.

Our Vision

Unlike third party lending companies that send you on a wild goose chase of endless applications and loan meetings, Greenwich Funding Group puts themselves in the client’s shoes. Our staff will look to see that whether you are running a restaurant, liquor store, accounting firm, or medical practice we are here for you doing the loan retrieval process.

Our objective is to submit your loan and get your business the funding it needs to be successful. No one should lose sleep at night when seeking funding. That’s where our team of loan experts steps in and makes the process as smooth as possible.


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We are here to help your business grow and meet its short term financial objectives. We can provide flexible financing options to give you the capital you need when you need it the most.

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